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Tw3 Castel Ravello 2
Tw3 Castel Ravello
Castel Ravello is a famous castle in Toussaint, around which are lush vineyards. It is known worldwide as the place of production of the famous wines: Est Est, Erveluce, Fiorano and Pomino. One day following Saovine, Geralt killed a monster who turned out not to be simply a huge taxidermy display in the cellar of the old castle.

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Castel Ravello Vineyard is located southeast of Fox Hollow and north of Chuchote Cave.

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Connoisseurs claim the best wines of Metinna or Alba do not hold a candle to even the most mediocre labels from the Sansretour Valley. Among the countless larger and smaller local vineyards found here, Castel Ravello is the most renowned – and for good reason. From its slopes come Pomino, Fiorano, Erveluce and Est Est – the wine realm’s uncontested kings.

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