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Call of the Wild is one of the secondary quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It does not appear in the quest log.

Walkthrough Edit

In the forests of Ard Skellig southeast near the road going from Arinbjorn to Sund where a hunter and his dog hunts by day near a pack of white wolves, Geralt encountered a werewolf hunting around a pack of white wolves, attacking anyone who approaches in the night. The quest ends as the witcher takes down the werewolf.

Journal entry Edit

This quest does not have a journal entry.

Objectives Edit

This quest has no journal objectives.

Quest Start Location Edit

Location Where Quest Can Be Started

Trivia Edit

  • This quest only appears at night as the werewolf disappears by light of morning.
  • The white wolves will respawn around the area but the werewolf will not after it is killed.

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