Balancing tweaks to every piece of equipment in the game

The mod hasn't been tested with the game version 2.1. Due to the fact this patch doesn't fix any major things the mod version 1.2a should be compatible with game version 2.1.


Completely alters all the statistics of every equippable item in the game, in an attempt to balance out the difficulty curve that steadily starts going down once you're finishing up the first act. The result is a much more even-paced difficulty rating during combat, all the way to the end of the game, making it feel much closer to the exquisite balance you usually experience during the Prologue and Chapter 1. You will actually have to think about what you're doing during combat, and some fights might require more preparation in the terms potions and tools than you're used to, depending on the difficulty level set.


  • How to install: Place the CEO.dzip file in your The Witcher 2\CookedPC\ directory
  • How to uninstall: Remove the CEO.dzip file from your The Witcher 2\CookedPC\ directory

Complete list of files inside the .dzip :

  • def_item_armor.xml
  • def_item_armorupgrade.xml
  • def_item_boots.xml
  • def_item_gloves.xml
  • def_item_misc.xml
  • def_item_mutagens.xml
  • def_item_oils.xml
  • def_item_pants.xml
  • def_item_petards.xml
  • def_item_potion.xml
  • def_item_rangedweapon.xml
  • def_item_recipes.xml
  • def_item_runes.xml
  • def_item_schematics.xml
  • def_item_swordsilver.xml
  • def_item_swordsteel.xml
  • def_item_traps.xml
  • def_item_witcher_sec.xml
  • def_prices.xml
  • def_shops.xml
  • def_stats_item_armor.xml
  • def_stats_item_armorupgrade.xml
  • def_stats_item_boots.xml
  • def_stats_item_gloves.xml
  • def_stats_item_mutagens.xml
  • def_stats_item_oils.xml
  • def_stats_item_pants.xml
  • def_stats_item_petards.xml
  • def_stats_item_potion.xml
  • def_stats_item_rangedweapon.xml
  • def_stats_item_runes.xml
  • def_stats_item_swordsilver.xml
  • def_stats_item_swordsteel.xml
  • def_stats_item_traps.xml
  • def_stats_item_trophy.xml