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Burlap Is the New Stripe is a quest in the Blood and Wine Expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

  • Coming soon!

Walkthrough Edit

This quest represents one out of three possible endings for Blood and Wine Expansion.

To see other endings, visit Pomp and Strange Circumstance.

 "Bad" or "So-so" ending Edit

Witcher couldn't save Syanna and Dettlaff killed her. Geralt ends up in the prison to be saved by Dandelion. Anna Henrietta is angry but she decided to leave you the vineyard.

To trigger this ending you must:

  • Go after Syanna during The Night of Long Fangs or Blood Simple.
  • Don't retrieve Syanna's ribbon in the Fablesphere from flint seller during Beyond Hill and Dale.

Regis' fate Edit

If you decided to spare Dettlaff, Regis is left in peace and stays in Toussaint.

If you decided to kill Dettlaff, Regis helps you and he has to flee Toussaint.

Significant plot details end here.

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