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Broken Flowers is the twentieth main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Meeting an Old Friend Edit

Geralt reaches the Rosemary and Thyme to find two thugs getting kicked out of the bar by Zoltan. After a friendly greeting, more thugs arrive and Geralt assists Zoltan in the brawl. After the fight, Geralt tells Zoltan of his search for Ciri, and to do that, he needed to find Dandelion. Geralt searches the tavern and finds Dandelion's planner. Zoltan notices that Dandelion had meetings with some women lately. Splitting the list, Zoltan and Geralt went to find the women on their list.

The Ladies' Man Edit

Elihal Edit

Geralt finds the tailor, Elihal, who turns out to be a crossdressing man. Geralt finds out that Dandelion had asked Elihal about the alchemist, Kalkstein, but sadly the alchemist was burnt at the stake.

Vespula Edit

Geralt locates the washer woman, Vespula, who is being harassed by Whoreson Junior's goons. Geralt drives them away so he could talk to the woman. While Geralt brings up the subject of Dandelion, she acts unpleasant to the witcher, because Dandelion told her that Geralt and Zoltan were the reasons for his bad habits. She says she saw him at the harbor with some woman.

Molly Edit

When Geralt approaches the estate to find Molly, the chamber maid, where he runs into Mary Louisa La Valette and Morvran Voorhis. He meets with them at the race track, knowing that Molly would be there as well. Geralt has a chance to race the nobles, but he meets Molly shortly after he arrives. Molly is thrilled to meet Geralt, hearing the so-called stories of Dandelion resued him many times. She tells him the last time she met Dandelion, he was with a blond-haired woman he referred to as his sister, and was looking for money for a barge.

Marabella Edit

Geralt goes to a school where Marabella is teaching a class for the children. Geralt could either wait for class to finish or stay and talk to the students. After class, she speaks with Geralt that she and Dandelion spoke about his interest in mold.

Rosa var Attre Edit

Once Geralt is able to get into the var Attre villa, he poses as Rosa's sparing instructor and the two duel. Once her health is half empty, she and Geralt have a discussion about Dandelion. The duel continues with Rosa's health restored, and they continue until Rosa's health bar is completely depleted. Geralt has a chance to give her private lessons, and he meets Rosa's identical twin sister, Edna. They revealed that Dandelion spoke highly favorably of a Koviri trobairitz whom he referred to as 'Callonetta'.

Return to the tavern Edit

After speaking to everyone on the list, Geralt returns to the Rosemary and Thyme to speak with Zoltan, who has acquired an owl and is teaching it how to talk. Zoltan learned very little from his search and Geralt revealed what he knew. From the description Geralt provided of the woman the others saw Dandelion with, Zoltan concluded that the woman was Priscilla, a woman not on the list. Zoltan says Dandelion favors her more than any other woman. She works with the 'Renarde and Foxen' mummer's troupe, and performs at the Kingfisher. Geralt and Zoltan's path continues to a night of poetry at the Kingfisher.

Meeting Priscilla Edit

Geralt meets Zoltan at the Kingfisher and the two watch the musician's performance, describing the relationship between Yennefer and Geralt, encapturing the audience, including Geralt. After the performance (and a rude accusation one of the patrons directed at Geralt), Zoltan introduces Geralt to Priscilla. Priscilla takes Zoltan and Geralt up to her room so she could talk to them in private. She tells them that Dandelion was planning a heist on one of the big crime lords of Novigrad by the name of Sigi Reuvan. The last she heard from Dandelion, he was being pursued by Whoreson Junior's men. Geralt decides that if he is to learn more of Dandelion's whereabouts, he'd have to find Whoreson Junior. He'd start with speaking to Reuvan.

Trivia Edit

  • If you freed the spirit in the Whispering Hillock, you can find a note on Marabella's desk called 'New admissions to Miss Marabella's shelter'. The note identifies each of the orphans Crookback Bog by name, having mysteriously appeared, asleep on the doorstep of the shelter, thus proving the evil spirit kept its word, saving the children's lives.
  • Marabella's description by Zoltan is a reference to the characters in Fifty Shades of grey.

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