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The Brewess is one of the three Velen crone sisters in Crookback Bog. The other two are the Weavess and the Whispess and they are supposed to be daughters of She-Who-Knows.

Journal entry Edit

The Crone known as Brewess was the middle of the three demonic sisters in terms of age – but the first in terms of size. Brewess was said to be a master concocter of magical mixtures, and, in the more ghastly legends, was said to know over a dozen different recipes for human soup.

During the Crones' sabbath it turned out the sisters truly did feed on human flesh, cooking them up in infernal pots spiced with root from the cursed tree growing on Bald Mountain.

In the end Brewess shared Whispess' fate: she was slain by Ciri's blade.

Associated quests Edit

Gallery Edit

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