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Bram is encountered the day after Geralt and Vesemir camp out near White Orchard. As they near the settlement, they hear Bram calling for help and find him hiding under his wagon while nearby a griffin feasts on his dead horse. The two witchers scare it off and Geralt can choose to ask for payment or not. If Geralt chooses not to, Bram's cousin, Elsa, will later give Geralt 4 chicken legs for helping him. Bram can later be encountered to the east of the inn, selling various wares.
Item Buy Price Sell Price
Amateur's Weapon Repair Kit  ? 20
Rabbit pelt  ? 37
Old bear hide  ? 185
Old sheepskin  ? 111
Old goat hide  ? 56
Cotton  ? 4
Twine  ? 4
Mandrake cordial  ? 108
Empty bottle  ? 3
Alcohest  ? 24
Dwarven spirit  ? 48
Water  ? 41
Linen 2  ?
Ruby dust 35  ?
Temerian Armor set 589  ?
Venom extract 5  ?