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The bow is one of the oldest known projectile launchers, the only older weapon being possibly the sling. The act of using a bow is known as archery. Typically a basic bow is comprised of a pair of curved elastic limbs, typically of wood, connected by a string. A notched projectile, an arrow, is put in place and the string is then drawn back to maximum tension. Releasing the string causes the arrow to fly through the air to its intended target.

Master archers are capable of hitting very small objects from long distances as well as hitting moving targets. Dryads and inhabits of Far North are among the best known archers. This fact can be disputed, as Geralt of Rivia states in the Witcher 2 "Elves are the best archers to walk the Earth." As he gets the chance to witness their archery firsthand during the battle of Vergen.

Unique bows

Known archers Edit

Notes & references Edit

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