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The Bottomless Carafe is an item in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt added by the Hearts of Stone expansion that provides an endless supply of strong alcohol.

It is received if Geralt allows Gaunter O'Dimm to take Olgierd von Everec's soul in the quest Whatsoever a Man Soweth..., and chooses the reward named: "A bottle of vodka that's always full".

When "Meditating" for a few hours, the Bottomless Carafe is used to replenish alchemy items. Provided this item is retained, Geralt will only require strong alcohol like White Gull for special alchemical substances, the preparation of new potions or upgrades to existing ones. Once all potions, bombs and oils are at superior level, strong alcohol becomes an additional source of income for Geralt.

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Provides an endless supply of hard alcohol. The spirit is distilled from scorpion tails.