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Geralt making plans with Vernon's Blue Stripes

The Blue Stripes are an elite Special Forces unit in the Temerian military. It is headed by Vernon Roche, a former peasant that rose through the ranks to become one of King Foltest's most trusted military leaders. His second-in-command is Ves, a highly trained archer and arbalist.

The unit consists of dauntless swashbucklers, interrogation specialists, noiseless scouts – all of them extremely loyal to their leader.

So far the Blue Stripes unit has suffered only one failure – they haven't managed to capture the infamous bandit Iorveth.

Notable members Edit


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The fate of the Blue StripesEdit

Flag Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes Banner

After a successful raid on La Valette Castle, the unit sets off on a journey with Geralt of Rivia to find the real kingslayer.

Roche's PathEdit

During their stay in Flotsam, Bernard Loredo's collusion with Kaedwen is found out. Roche, disgusted by the man's treachery, decides to thwart his plans and raid his mansion. With Geralt's help, the Blue Stripes succeed. Not much later they set sail to support Henselt in his campaign against Saskia.

Unfortunately, during their stay at Henselt's side, the whole unit is accused for conspiracy and hanged on Dethmold's order.

Operation in Flotsam The end of the Blue Stripes
Death to the Traitor! (The Witcher 2) Full HD14:51

Death to the Traitor! (The Witcher 2) Full HD

King Henselt Rapes Ves (The Witcher 2) Full HD03:42

King Henselt Rapes Ves (The Witcher 2) Full HD

Iorveth's pathEdit

Without the witcher's aid, Vernon's plan of overthrowing Bernard Loredo had no chance of success thus the unit had to flee Flotsam.

Significant plot details end here.


  • Special unit forces, like the Blue Stripes, are known of their efficiency and ruthlessness. Their members are mostly people who have "nothing to lose", enjoy "hunting non-humans" and are often treated as "human Scoia'tael".
  • Ves is the only female member.
  • One of the Blue Stripes members proposed to Triss.
  • Every Blue Stripes member has a tattoo.
  • Silas claims that Fenn is psychotic.

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