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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the quest. For the person commonly known as "Bloody Baron", see Phillip Strenger.

Bloody Baron is a main quest of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the second main quest in Act I.

Quest Description Edit

"Nilfgaard's agent had determined Ciri had stayed with the baron - the self-proclaimed ruler of Velen. This man was known for his violent temper and three-mile-long cruel streak, hence his moniker: the Bloody Baron. Geralt, however, was not one to be frightened by nicknames, least of all those taken from bodily fluids, and so made his way to Crow's Perch, the baron's seat, to ask about Cirilla.
The guards at the castle gate were clearly not happy to see Geralt. They denied him entry, growling a few threats as they sent him on his way. However, the witcher had to talk to the Bloody Baron, so he set out to find another way into Crow's Perch.
Surprisingly, Geralt got some help from a villager he met near the castle. The old man directed the witcher to the source of an old well, claiming Geralt would find a way into Crow's Perch from there.

Objectives Edit

Go to the Baron's Castle Edit

Arriving in the town of Crow's Perch Geralt greeting may vary depending on how he treated the Baron's men in the quest The Nilfgaardian Connection. If he killed the Baron's men, the townsfolk here will be afraid of his coming and the guards will be hostile and will not let Geralt pass the gate. If Geralt did not kill the Baron's men he should have little trouble convincing the gate guards to allow him to see the Baron. A third option exists where Geralt avoided the Baron's men entirely by not going to the Inn at the Crossroads. In this case, the guards will not trust Geralt but will not attack him, either pay 15Oren3or use the alternate entry below.

Forceful Path Edit

Find another way into the castle Edit

Head back down the hill into the village near the castle. When Geralt enters the area marked on the map he will spot an old peasant sitting on some wood. Geralt can choose to talk to the man or continue searching for another entrance without his help. Even after starting to talk to the old man Geralt can decide to find the entrance on his own.

Talk to the old man Edit


I'm too old to scuttle away

Ask the old man if he knows the area well to find out if there is another way into the castle besides the main gate. The man reveals that the innkeep at the crossroads where you fought the Baron's men is actually his sisters husband. In addition, the old man suggests Geralt make a monetary donation in exchange for the information about sneaking into the castle. Either pay the man 15Oren3 or refuse to pay and find the entrance yourself. If Geralt chooses to pay, the old man will tell a story of a boy found drowned in the moat near the castle. Later his missing hat was found besides the well inside the castle walls which meant it was likely the boy fell into the well meaning there might be a passage between the well and the river. He will explain how to get to a shrine that was made for the dead boy on the Northwest side of the castle.


Cave located Northwest of the castle

Explore where the boy's body was found Edit

Follow the old man's directions, the objective marker or simply go to the location marked on the map below to reach the shrine.

Find the cave Edit

Search the area on the opposite side of the moat from the shrine to locate the hidden cave entrance.

Dive underwater to enter Edit

Dive under the water to enter the cave. Explore the cave to find the entrance from the well, watch out for the waterhag that spawns here.

Note: The cave is very dark inside and you will have to defend yourself. It is recommended that you use a Cat potion to help see better. Additionally there are several containers with good loot in the cave, be sure to check below the water's surface for some loot containers. One of the chests in this cave is associated with the quest Scavenger Hunt: Wolven Silver Sword.

Climb up through the old well Edit

Immediately upon exiting the well a cut scene will occur that will introduce Geralt to the Baron and start a conversation.

Peaceful Path Edit

Follow the sergeant Edit

If Geralt is able to enter peacefully, follow the sergeant as he leads through the castle grounds. Geralt may choose to ask about his service in the war and how his men are fareing thus far. He will lead Geralt to the garden where the Baron is speaking to a Nilfgaardian captain.

Bloody baron quest

The Baron meets in his chambers with Geralt to discuss why he has come

Talk to the Baron Edit

Whether Geralt entered peacfully or forcefully the Baron greets him jovially enough asking Geralt to join him in his chambers. Inside the conversation should be based on personal preference and eventually the Baron will reveal how he met Ciri appearing exhausted, wounded and soaking wet. The quest concludes here and Ciri's Story: The King of the Wolves begins.

Additional Info Edit

Closing Quest Description Edit

"Geralt found his meeting with the Bloody Baron quite peculiar, and the baron himself not so bloody at all. Or did it just seem so? In any case, it turned out Ciri had indeed visited Crow's Perch some time past, but further information about her was only available for a price."

Notes Edit

  • If you try to use the cave to sneak into Crow's Perch prior to completing the quest The Nilfgaardian Connection, you will find that the entrance is blocked by debris and there will be a few of the Baron's man standing nearby arguing about who will clean it up.

Gallery Edit

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