Blood Pacts, or On Foreign Presences is a quest item and book in the Hearts of Stone expansion.

After entering The Painted World, this is found at the study scene and can be read to learn how to setup the memory.

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

Whosoever summons a Visitant into our Realm risks much. Whether flickering as a Spirit in the ether or inhabiting the Flesh of a designated Host, the Visitant shall strive to attain its Liberty, and if it does, it shall wreak great havoc. Thus a Visitant must be summoned only within a protective Circle, which shall bind it as no fetters could.
The Circle must be complete and eternal, with no ruptures. Its line must be drawn with a steady hand firmly gripping the chalk. Since a stray step, made through carelessness or the Visitant's trickery, can smudge the line, the Circle must be further secured by a barrier in the form of lit candles made of beeswax. A Circle thus protected shall stand as a sure and inescapable Prison for the Visitant.