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People Blacksmiths Wife

The blacksmith's wife is the only member of the Murky Waters family who is not a merchant. Running the household and dealing with a moody teenager is plenty to keep her busy, or so it would seem. She does, however, have the time to muse about her husband's activities when he is not at home or working.

She is very friendly and apparently a very good cook. She gives Geralt the Temptation quest. Her husband is carrying on with a succubus and she would like an end to it. She offers a book of herbal lore as the reward, but as Geralt leaves her hut, he is immediately intercepted by her husband, who knows what she is up to. He makes Geralt a counter-offer. Decisions, decisions...

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People Blacksmiths Wife People Blacksmith human People Ferryman full

Video Edit

thumb|480px|left|Blacksmith: Temptation

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