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Black Pearl is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

At the back of the Golden Sturgeon west of Hierarch Square in Novigrad, Geralt meets a man named Nidas after the witcher saw his notice about leaving for a voyage. Nidas explains that he wanted to sail to Skellige to find a rare and precious black pearl for his wife, Letta, as he promised her when he was a soldier back in 1242. After participating in two wars, Nidas explains that he's grown old and needs the witcher to help him. If Geralt agrees, Nidas will direct him to meet by the collapsed bridge near Arinbjorn in Skellige where black pearl beds are nearby. The witcher travels to the collapsed bridges in the islets north of Arinbjorn and south of the Eldberg Lighthouse while facing some ekhidnae and bandits along the way. After finding Nidas waiting and looking at the horizon, they go to a nearby coast northwest of the bridge they met at to find the black pearl together. At the coast, Nidas tells Geralt to dive there where all the oyster beds are to search for the rare black pearls but to the witcher's disappointment, only Geralt will do the diving. Geralt dives to the oyster grounds where he dispatches a couple of siren along the way. After scouring the seafloor of all the pearls inside the clams, Geralt finally finds a black pearl in one of them. When the witcher was swimming ashore, some drowners came up the sea and started attacking Nidas. The witcher quickly defended Nidas from the drowners. After Nidas survives the drowner attack, the witcher presents to him the black pearl he wanted and commends Geralt for the job. He tells the witcher that he forgot to bring the coin with him but promises to pay him at Novigrad. Geralt travels back to the Golden Sturgeon in Novigrad where Nidas pays the witcher 10 Oren3 but tells how Letta, his wife, is sick and can't remember and recognize people anymore. Her sickness has come to a point that she can't speak and even recognize her own husband. Nidas thought that if he could find her the black pearl he promised and joked about for years that he could restore her memory but it still didn't work. Geralt apologizes and the quest ends as they say their farewell.

Journal entry Edit

When men sense death's approach, they try to finish all manner of unresolved business. Some write wills, others pay off debts and still others make up with estranged relatives.
Nidas, a battle-hardened veteran from Novigrad, wanted to tie off a rather atypical loose end; acquiring the black pearl he had once promised his beloved wife. As he had reached an advanced age, he would not be able to journey to the black pearl beds of Skellige by himself - so he hired the witcher to assist him.
Geralt extracted a black pearl from a Skellige oyster with the skill of an experienced pearl diver, thus helping Nidas fulfill his promise. Sadly, it turned out his wife was unable to appreciate this lovely gesture - old age had deprived her of a sound mind and muddled her memories. Even the fulfillment of a promise that had forged the foundation of their relationship failed to put a smile on her lips.

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Objectives Edit

  • Meet Nidas near the collapsed bridge to the north of Arinbjorn.
  • Follow Nidas to the pearl bed.
  • Find a black pearl using your Witcher Senses.
  • Kill the drowners.
  • Return to Nidas.
  • Meet Nidas in the Golden Sturgeon to collect your reward.

Trivia Edit

  • Nidas calls Geralt a youngster even though Geralt is likely much older than him.

Bug Edit

  • The quest objective will say to meet Nidas east of Arinbjorn but the collapsed bridge is actually north of Arinbjorn. This has since been fixed in one of the most recent patches.
  • There is a glitch where drowners kill Nidas before Geralt even gets close to save him. (Also appears to be fixed)

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