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Big Game Hunter is a quest in the Blood and Wine Expansion.

Journal entry Edit

  • Coming Soon !

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to Count Beledal.
  • Check Count Beledal's map to find good spots from which to spot animals.
  • Escort Count Beledal near the panthers' lair.
  • Lead Count Beledal to the giant centipedes' lair.
  • Escort Count Beledal.
  • User your Witcher senses to find the panthers.
  • [Optional] Calm the panther.
  • Free the panther from the trap.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to locate giant centipedes.
  • Follow the sound.
  • Find a place with a good view of the lair.
  • Wait for the count.
  • Destroy the nest to flush the giant centipedes out.
  • Wait for the count to "preserve" the giant centipedes.
  • Lead the count to the place where peacocks live.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to find the peacocks' tracks.
  • Follow the peacocks' trail.
  • Wait until the count is ready.
  • Use the Axii sign to force the peacocks to open their tails. 0/3
  • Kill the giant centipede.
  • Wait until noon tomorrow and go to the picnic.
  • At noon, go to Count Beledal's lodgings and take part in the picnic.
  • [Optional] Peruse the exhibit.
  • Talk to Count Beledal.

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