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Bienvenu La Louve was the queen of Temeria. To many, she was known simply as "La Louve", or "the she-wolf". She served as a fine example for queen Calanthe, later the queen of Cintra who came to be known as the "Lioness of Cintra".

Bienvenu's first husband was a prince Ragbard, duke of Ellander. That marriage was dissolved after a short time - a rumor circulated that duke Ragbard was more interested in men's games, and totally failed to live up to the queen's expectations in the bedchamber. Many a libelous song was sung on the subject.

Her second marriage was to Hugo of Rivia. Little is known about him - except that he fared slightly better than his predecessor. There was gossip, however, which suggested that he had to try quite hard to fulfill the expectations of the queen. He did however succeed where his predecessor had not and Bienvenu became pregnant and bore a son, Medell, who became her successor to the Temerian throne. Some songs suggested that she wore poor Hugo out.

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