Beyond Hill and Dale... is a main story quest of the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

Just as Damien had advised, Regis and Geralt went to the playroom at the Ducal Palace. It seemed a strange choice for a prison, but Anna Henrietta was known to have oft unusual ideas.
The witcher and the vampire searched the room but found no sign of Syanna. They deduced she had to be concealed inside an illusion. the mage Artorius Vigo had created it years earlier, for the ducal daughters when they were but children. It was a fairytale land one could enter through the room...
The Land of a Thousand Fables was an extraordinary place. Now, it was also extraordinarily dangerous. For Artorius Vigo's spell, cast many years earlier, had begun to degenerate, change and grow wild. This was the result of something called magical entropy. The world's fairytale characters had grown unpredictable and aggressive - something the witcher got a taste of soon into his adventure there.
Despite these difficulties, he found Syanna. The witcher and the duchess' sister now shared a goal - both trapped in this magical land, they needed to find the way out. They joined forces. Syanna knew the exit from the Land of a Thousand Fables lay hidden among the clouds overhead. Their first task was to find magic beans that would help them ascend.
A boy named Joss would know where to find the magic beans. yet Joss - who obsessively cried "Wolf!" - was known by all to be a pathological liar. He proved hard to pin down, for his convoluted clues were the exact opposite of the truth.
By Joss' reckoning the red bean "had not been swallowed," though the one who had not swallowed it was the "most humany human in all the land." The blue bean, on the other hand, "Lay out in the open" watched over by "nobody" times three. The yellow bean, in turn, could be found "deep underground," a "bald farm-hand" its guard and keeper.
The witcher and Syanna found all the beans at last. They planted them and climbed the stalk that sprouted into the clouds. High in the sky they spied a castle, then the giant who called it home. "A giant," you might say, then tremble in your boots. But the witcher and his companion defeated it post haste.
Geralt and Syanna finally left the Land of a Thousand Fables. Meanwhile in the city, the massacre had raged unchecked. Yet Syanna had returned, so hope burned anew. If Dettlaff and his former lover could be made to meet, the vampires' rampage in the city could come to an end.

Objectives Edit

  • Go to the playroom.
  • Search the playroom to find out what happened to Syanna.
  • Find the book "The Land of a Thousand Fables."
  • Follow the yellow brick road.
  • Defeat the Wicked Witch.
  • Find Joss.
  • (Optional) Ride the white unicorn.
  • Save Joss from the wolves.
  • Find three magic beans. (3)
  • Visit the three bears.
  • Visit Grand mamma's house.
  • Go see the three little pigs.
    • Defeat the three little pigs.
    • Search for a magic bean in the brick house.
  • Talk to Longlocks.
    • Defeat the wraith of Longlocks.
    • Search the tower for another magic bean.
  • Talk to the girl who sells flint.
    • (Optional) buy a ribbon for Syanna or win it by defeating the girl in a game of Gwent.
  • Plant the magic beans.
  • Defeat the giant.
  • Follow Syanna.
  • Jump into the well.