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A hastily written document, probably drafted by the witcher while he was preparing to fight the Beast.

The book entitled "Berengar's notes on the Beast" is a quest item, and as such, it can neither be bought nor sold, only consulted.

Contents Edit

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"First night: 95 kg of muscle, height around 4,5 feet, fangs the length of a man's thumb — to be avoided. Shares characteristics with Alzur's Demon.

Second night: summons barghests with its howling, has the ability to 'disappear', probably by assuming spectral or spiritual form, can only be seen with the help of a potion.

Third night: highly resistant to iron and Signs, walked right over three Yrdens without noticing.

Fourth night: all features of Alzur's Demon confirmed. The Beast asks a question, those who answer correctly stand a chance of slaying it."

Journal entries Edit

Monsters: Hellhound
Ingredients: Trace of the Beyond

Associated quests Edit

Location Edit

  • Abigail gives these notes to Geralt when he asks her about the beast.

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