Berengar's letter is a book in The Witcher (PC). Depending on Geralt's decisions, this letter can be found, along with Berengar's medallion, on Berengar's body on Black Tern Island at the end of Chapter IV, if Geralt kills him, or elsewhere, if he is spared.

Contents Edit

Berengar's Letter
I always believed that witchers had stripped me of the ability to communicate with humans. Now I know this to be untrue. Whatever the reasons, I cannot talk to people, so I write this letter instead. Herein, I admit: I am a coward, I fear pain, incapacitation and death. I was afraid at Kaer Morhen, afraid when I fought monsters, and finally, I feared the Professor and Azar Javed, especially the latter. He supervises Salamandra's scientific project, creating deadly creatures from black magic and mutagens. He is a powerful mage, but if my plan works, he will be a dead mage and the witchers' secrets will be safe. In spite of everything, I am content our paths crossed as I set off now for Vizima.

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