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Belohun was the second king of Kerack, son of Osmyk, father of Viraxas (exiled by Belohun), Elmer, Egmund, Xander and countless of other illegitimate sons and daughters. Osmyk had at least four other sons, but all of them renounced the right to the throne of Kerack, one of them even did so willingly. He was described as bony, nervous, and not particularly tall.

In 1245, sorceress Lytta Neyd bad-mouthed Geralt to Belohun, who then threw the witcher in the dungeon for a week.

Biography Edit

Since Belohun's wife was dead, the king organized a huge marriage with his new betrothed Ildiko Breckl, inviting all the elite citizens of Kerack. According to Belohun, his new son would become the new king of Kerack after his death. Outraged by this, Egmund and Xander, the true heirs to the throne, organized a coup d'état, ordering a poisoner to put some contact poison on Belohun's poker.

The plan however failed, since the poisoner betrayed the two princes and told the truth to Belohun, who then imprisoned Egmund and Xander.

Later, while Belohun was wearing his ceremony dress, a magic necklace gifted to him from Ildiko Breckl, wrapped around his throat and suffocated him. The medic, who arrived soon after, wrongly ascertained that Belohun died from an epileptic fit.

When the courtiers, pained by their loss, entered in the throne room, they found the exiled Prince Viraxas seated next to Ildiko Breckl.