Belohun was the second king of Kerack, son of Osmyk, father of Viraxas (who succeeded him as king), Elmer, Egmund, Xander and countless of other illegitimate sons and daughters. Osmyk had at least four other sons, but all of them renounced the right to the throne of Kerack, one of them even did so willingly. He was described as bony, nervous and not particularly tall.

In 1245, sorceress Lytta Neyd bad-mouthed Geralt to Belohun, who then threw the witcher in the dungeon for a week. Upon release, the witcher headed over to Lytta's to find out what had motivated her to do such a thing and inexplicably found himself in the beautiful sorceress' bed for another week. This is first mentioned in the short story "Something More" and described in more detail in the novel Season of Storms.

Trivia Edit

  • Illustration is by Jana Komarková and comes from Czech issue of Season of Storms.