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Beauclair is the capital city of the duchy of Toussaint, a Nilfgaardian vassal which is best known for its wines. It also boasts a fortress. Aforetime in that place stood an elven palace which was remodeled by Piotr Faramond after the elves had been exiled and Toussaint became a human duchy.

Notable Beauclairois Edit




The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Tw3 A Night to Remember rendering of Beauclair

Beauclair is mentioned a few times by characters for its famous wine, but truly interesting is the fact that big city in the short story trailer, "A Night to Remember," is confirmed to be Beauclair even though it looks significantly different from its final layout in Blood and Wine.[1]

Blood and Wine Expansion Edit

In the final expansion for The Witcher 3, Beauclair is presented as a sizable city on the shores of a nearby lake called Seidhe Llyglad. The city is very vibrant, colorful, and, because of its centralized position, can be clearly seen from almost every place in the duchy. Although the city is not as large as Novigrad, it's divided into three districts, only one being walled. The Ducal Palace, renowned for its grandiose majesty, stands at the western edge of the city and is framed by the imposing Mount Gorgon. The city is protected by Knights-Errant and Toussaint Guard.

Districts Edit

  • Hauteville — Literally Higher Town, walled district where the richer townsfolk are living.
  • Lassommoir — Is a quarter of working class within Hauteville district.
  • San Sebastian — Officially Lower Town, place where lower class is.
  • Beauclair Port — Officially, the Port District is most important as it is place of trade for whole realm.

Gates Edit

Most of the gates separate the Lower Town from the Higher Town, and are rather loosely protected by Ducal Guard.

Trivia Edit

  • Antoinette in The Witcher, as well as her family, hails from Beauclair, made apparent by her (French) accent.
  • The name is coined from a portmanteau of two French words, beau and clair. It can then be roughly translated as beautifully clear.

Gallery Edit

Notes & references Edit

  1. Pawel Burza: "City in A Night to Remember is Beauclair"