Beasts of the Tukaj Foothills is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

The peasants of the Tukaj Foothills say fiends are born of magic. For at times witches cast spells on bears causing them to mount boars, and the resultant offspring is neither boar nor bear, but has the makings of a fiend.
Usually such boar piglets die of hunger, but they are at times found and taken in by witches. Raised on enchanted milk, they grow in strength, and soon enough the milk is no longer enough for them. Now fiends, they start hunting and kill their victims with the ferocity of a boar and the strength of a bear. Yet they remain ever true to their mothers, meaning the witches. The witches protect them from danger, answer their every summons and aid them in all things.