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Mastercrafted full set

Bear or Ursine School Gear is a witcher armor and swords set inspired by the Bear School for witchers. Its one of the Scavenger Hunts sidequests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The set includes chest armor, steel and silver swords, crossbow, gauntlets, boots, and trousers, all of which are upgradeable except the crossbow. Also, there is not a New Game + version of the crossbow.

The Gear is some of the best heavy armor found in The Witcher 3. The initial set can be found in Skellige, at the peak of Yngvar's Fang north of Urialla Harbor.

Ursine gear Edit

Enhanced Ursine gear Edit

Superior Ursine gear Edit

Mastercrafted Ursine gear Edit

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Legendary Ursine gear Edit

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Mastercrafted Legendary Ursine gear Edit

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