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Battle of Maribor is one of the many battles during the Northern Wars. After taking the fortresses of Mayena and Razwan and conquering Sodden, the Nilfgaardian Army crossed the southern border of Temeria pushing towards the north. King Foltest's troops had stopped at the fortress in Maribor. This is when the Battle of Maribor occurred. The Temerian army was defeated and unable to retreat back toward the north. Nilfgaard's forces beleaguered Maribor, but the fortress was still reasonably well defended. In their rush to push northward, the Nilfgaardian forces stretched their supply lines to their limits and created too large a front. The Nilfgaardian troops were too few in number to block Maribor off entirely, and the upcoming winter forced the Nilfgaardians to lift the siege and pull back to Sodden. Any further offensive on Temeria was put off until the spring.

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