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Tw3 Novigrad bathouses

Entrance from Silverton

The bathhouse in the Free City of Novigrad serves as place where merchant and noblemen of Redania have they most important meeting as of recent times, it's also Sigi Reuven's headquarters.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

A new crime lord, Sigismund Dijkstra, calling himself Count Sigi Reuven, owns this place and no one is allowed to enter without permission, and likely some form of compensation monetary or otherwise. Geralt of Rivia is allowed entry because Happen believes that news he has for Sigi ar very important.

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Behind the scenes Edit

Bathhouse concept art

Interior concept arts

The city’s public bathhouse plays an important social role in addition to its hygienic functions. This is a place where city dwellers come to relax, merchants come to discuss investments, and the heads of the criminal underworld come to plan their murky dealings.

Stone interiors, columns, arched vaults, tanks with warm and cold water—all these elements drew initial inspiration from the classical thermae of ancient Rome. Our artists then tried to endow them with a unique look that would fit into the realities of the world we had created.[1]

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Notes & references Edit

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