Baroness La Valette - Interrogation Report is a book in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. It can be found in the Temerian Quarter if Maria Louisa La Valette was interrogated.

Journal entry Edit

Record of Mary Louisa La Valette's Interrogation
The preparations were completed without interruption. Louisa La Valette remained silent throughout. In accordance with custom, the unkind master presented the tools he would use. The baroness merely clenched her teeth and observed a dignified silence.
With the initial procedures completed, I began the interrogation proper. I asked the subject questions from my Lord Baron's list, however I failed to extract satisfactory answers. After consulting the unkind master, I decided that the subject was not fully ready. We then placed her upon the rack. After some time I asked her my Lord Baron's questions again...
Joachim Pyle, Bailiff