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As part of patch 1.2, some traders also provide barbershop services. For a small fee, Geralt can get them to change his hairstyle. Search notice boards for information about barbers and coiffeuses offering services of this nature in a given location.

Available styles Edit

  • Rivian ponytail (high half ponytail, the original The Witcher 2 style)
  • Squirrel's tail (low half ponytail)
  • Elven style (let out, similar to the style from The Witcher)
  • Dwarven braid (single braid in back)
  • Raftsman's do (full ponytail)
  • Cintrian pendulum (shaved temples and a ponytail, similar to Geralt's new hairstyle in The Witcher 3 gameplay trailer)

Providers of the service Edit



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