COA Thyssen

the Thyssen coat of arms

Baldwin Thyssen was the king of Kovir and Poviss and member of the Thyssen dynasty. He was the son of King Esteril of Kovir and Agnes of Aedirn. He was named in honor king Baldwin of Aedirn, his great-grandfather. He later married Blanka of Malleore who bore him one son: Esterad.

Baldwin lived through a very difficult period for Kovir and the Thyssen dynasty in particular. The bloody struggle for power began with the Secession of Poviss, when Rhyd declared himself autonomous. He gained independence as did the East March (which later split into several duchies and kingdoms, only to finally unite as the so-called "Hengfors League"). But the worst was yet to come - there was a revolt and Baldwin lost control of his crown to Margrave Idi, and for the first time in the history of the house, the Thyssens were forced to flee. During the escape of Baldwin died suddenly, probably due to the leakage of blood into his brain. Later his only son, Esterad reclaimed the throne for the family in event known as Night of Knives and Torches.

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