Avid Collector is one of secondary quests added with Hearts of Stone expansion.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt is often taken for a boor. Nothing could be further from the truth: though rough-and-rowdy in outer appearance, inside Geralt harbors a sensitive appreciation of beauty and the arts. It should then come as no surprise he was able to impress the art merchant he met at the auction. The connoisseur tipped Geralt off about a van Rogh painting soon to go on the block. Apparently Marcus Hodgson, a famed Novigrad book dealer, was ready to pay a small fortune for it...
The merchant's assurances proved reliable: Geralt sold the painting at a considerable profit. The ecstatic book dealer also threw in a rare witcher trophy.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Sell the van Rogh painting to the Novigrad book merchant, Marcus Hodgson

 Notes Edit