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by Publius Naso

The way to a mans's heart is through his stomach. The way to a lady's heart is paved with beautiful words and appropriate gifts. Many have lost fortunes trying to win a woman's heart. This book explains how to avoid that fate.

One must know that ladies' tastes vary according to their status. A gift fit for a peasant girl will not please a noblewoman. Simple girls will be happy with a flower, while refined courtesans will laugh at a bouquet and only show favor [when she] is presented with a gold ring. But beware of traps! Sometimes, with much effort, you win a lady's heart only to become her slave, ready to fulfill her every wish! Avoid earning the heart of your woman at the cost of your own head!

A book dedicated to the art of giving gifts and seducing women.

Journal entries Edit

Glossary: Gifts
Formula: Perfume

Price Edit

 Buy Sell
50 Items Oren  10 Items Oren 

Notes Edit

  • Some players report never finding this book despite searching very thoroughly for it. Others do not receive the perfume recipe after reading the book (v1.5).
  • This book can sometimes be found on a bookshelf of Triss' house.
  • It can sometimes be found in an "old shelf" in the basement of the Herbalist's house.
  • It can sometimes be found in an "old shelf" in the Order outpost (where Siegfried sleeps in Chapter II, but the book is not found there until Chapter III).
  • It can sometimes be found in a cupboard in Shani's house, upstairs, next to her bed.

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