Arnvald is a seneschal in Crach an Craite's service during events of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt who before served as cupbearer.

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After Guthlaf, trusted seneschal to the An Craite jarls, passed away a portion of his duties were taken over by the jarl's cupbearer, Arnvald. This elderly Skelliger did not possess the far-reaching authority of his predecessor, but still had managed to make himself irriplaceable in his few years in the position.
His purview included not only stocking the larders and cellars of Kaer Trolde but also seeing to the needs of the keep's inhabitants, as well as the guests that visited it during feasts and other important ceremonies.
That is why is betrayal could not have come as a greater surprise. When caught, Arnvald confessed to his role in the murderous conspiracy, revealing his patron as well as his long-seething hatred for Clan an Craite.