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Armed Assault is one of the secondary quests available on Skellige during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Summary Edit

One day, Geralt found some bandits banging on the door of a hut southeast of Rannvaig. Upon approach, they attacked Geralt so he defended himself. The man living in the hut thanked Geralt and told him that those were Madman Lugos' men. Now that the attack was over, he was going to the jarl of Clan an Craite for help while also warning the witcher to beware of Lugos' wrath. Upon killing the bandits who are actually Madman Lugos' men, one of them if looted will have Lugos' Letter. The letter is from Madman Lugos accusing a man named Ingvar from Clan an Craite for unequally taking more loot from a raid and allowing his men to take justice with his permission.

Journal entry Edit

Life on the Path is full of surprises. One day, a milkmaid's offering you a warm mug straight from the cow. The next, you're helping drag a merchant's wagon out of the muck. Other times, you witness thugs raiding a house. The last happened to Geralt while he was wondering across Ard Skellig.
The bandits Geralt defeated had been sent by Madman Lugos, the eternal enemy of jarl Crach an Craite. The people living in the home they were attacking were loyal to the an Craite clan and announced they would go to their jarl for help, warning Geralt to beware Lugos' wrath before they went.

Objectives Edit

  • Knock on the door and check on the inhabitants of the house

Lugos' Letter Edit

Letter in which Lugos discusses an unfair division of booty from a raid, and points a finger at the culprit.

Ingvar, son of Ulmar - he cheated us, I'm dead certain. Tricked us all, the whoreson - me and you lot both. All this hating on me you've been doing is pointless. I swore a hundred times that we'd split the booty from this raid as we've split the others - evenly. And I meant it. Thing is, two chests of jewels, a silver dagger and some gold cups and plates have gone missing. I summoned all from the clan who were on the raid - and all swore on the blood of their fathers, and their father's fathers before them, that they'd not taken more than their share.
That leaves Ingvar. I might have known better than to take an An Craite aboard. It were my error, but one we can correct. One you can correct. Take a handful of men and go find him. Then take from him what's ours. You have me blessing.
Lugos, the one they call Madman