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Aretuza Adept Gwent Card art

Aretuza Adept

Aretuza is a magical academy for young ladies situated next to the palace on the Isle of Thanedd. Among the students are girls from the twelve finest families in Redania. According to Molnar Giancardi, the annual fees for a student add up to 1,200 Novigradian crowns, with a 200 crown matriculation fee for new students. Adepts studying there are not permitted to leave the island. Visitors are only admitted to the lowest level of the academy, Loxia. Accodring to Keira Metz, the building has five floors and 76 rooms.

A reunion of mages, which then involved in a coup, was held there. Geralt attended as Yennefer's guest.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

The academy was attacked and destroyed after Radovid declared war on magic in Redania. Some novices escaped beforehand with Margarita Laux-Antille to Novigrad in hope they could escape with Triss's help to Kovir. The students left behind were caught and executed by the Redanian soldiers, only a small handful escaped together with another professor of the academy.

By the time Geralt and Yennefer rescued Margarita from prison, all of the novices who accompanied her to Novigrad had been burnt at the stake or executed by other means by the Witch hunters. Margarita was deliberately kept alive by Radovid to be the final execution until Geralt and Yennefer's intervention.

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