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Duke Ardal aep Dahy was a Nilfgaardian nobleman and prominent politic during the reign of three Imperators: Fergus var Emreis, the Usurper, and Emhyr var Emreis.

Biography Edit

Loyal to the Emreis family Edit

He was among Imperator Fergus var Emreis' most faithful courtiers. After the coup staged by the Usurper, which resulted in the death of Imperator and removal of House of Emreis from power, Duke Ardal helped young Emhyr var Emreis to hide for a week and subsequently escape beyond borders of the Empire.

More or less twenty years later, in 1257, a partisan conflict ensued in which supporters of Emreises led by Duke Ardal and a group of front-line officers from his residence, defeated Usurper's forces.

Northern Wars Edit

Although he, along with Vilgefortz, was instrumental in removing the Usurper from power and placing Emhyr var Emreis on the throne, he, like many other nobles and members of the Merchants' Guild, later got tired of Emreis' endless wars against the Northern Kingdoms, which always ended in defeat. Beside this, Emhyr chose to marry Cirilla of Cintra instead of their daughters. Therefore, along with Joachim de Wett, Count d'Arvy, Berengar Leuvaarden, the Count Broinne and Stefan Skellen, he conspired to remove Emhyr from the imperial throne and put Morvran Voorhis in his place.

He fought in the Battle of Brenna but, when the North won against Nilfgaard, he escaped in Aldersberg with his men, where he died after a food poisoning.[1]

References Edit

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