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Tw3 Ardaiso Quarry 2

Ardaiso Quarry is a quarry in The Champs-Désolés, southern portion of Toussaint located west of Fort Ussar Ruins, south of Dun Tynne Hillside and northeast of Flovive.

Map description Edit

Tw3 Ardaiso Quarry
Every man, be he tippler or teetotaler, knows Toussaint’s economy stems from the fruit of the vine. Few, however, realize the duchy’s lands are rich with deposits of slate and other valuable building materials, and that the quarrying of such was once the bedrock of local livelihoods. Thus when gods-fearing Toussaintois saw fit to build a statue of the saintly Lebioda, they had no need to send for materials from abroad – instead, they merely reactivated Ardaiso.

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Gallery Edit

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