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Ard Carraigh or High Rock[1] is the capital of the northern kingdom of Kaedwen and also where King Henselt holds his seat of power.

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In Kaedwen, Scoia'tael commandos, amassed into a large unit, had orchestrated a massacre in Fort Leyda. To avenge the massacre, the people of Ard Carraigh had organised a pogrom, murdering almost four hundred non-humans residing in the capital.
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- pg. 6, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

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Trivia Edit

  • In reality, Ard Carraig means the Rock's Height in Irish. High Rock would be Carraig Ard.

Notes & referencesEdit

  1. Meaning of name of the city was confirmed by Fonopolis studio, which makes audiobook adaptations of The Witcher Saga in close consultation with Andrzej Sapkowski himself.