Ard Carraigh, (Elder Speech for High Rock),[1] is the capital of the northern kingdom of Kaedwen and also where King Henselt holds his seat of power.
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In Kaedwen, Scoia'tael commandos, amassed into a large unit, had orchestrated a massacre in Fort Leyda. To avenge the massacre, the people of Ard Carraigh had organised a pogrom, murdering almost four hundred non-humans residing in the capital.
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- pg. 6, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

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  • In reality, Ard Carraig means the "Rock's Height" in Irish. High Rock would be "Carraig Ard".


  1. Meaning of name of the city was confirmed by Fonopolis studio, which makes audiobook adaptations of The Witcher Saga in close consultation with Andrzej Sapkowski himself.