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The Arcsea (or Arc Coast) is a duchy on the northern Redanian coast, on the Gulf of Praxeda. It runs from Redania, through the region of Jamurlak to Caingorn. Like Gors Velen in Temeria, Arcsea is a powerful trading hub with its own currency, the denar.

National emblems Edit

Heraldry Edit

Hrb unof ArcseaHerb unof Audoen

The coat of arms for Arcsea is never actually described in the books, comics or games. The first of the coat of arms shown above was designed by Juraj103, created by Smiki55 and belongs to the duchy/region it self, second was created byMboro and belongs to the self-styled king Audoen, both are unofficial.

History Edit

The first known ruler of this land is the legendary king of Novigrad, Pontar Delta and Arcsea, Sambuk, whose realm latter become Redania. As a part of the East March it was subjected to Kings of Kovir and Poviss and thus ruled by margraves appointed by the House of Thyssen residing in Hengfors.

During the Secession of Poviss under king Rhyd, Audoen separated Arcsea and Hengfors from Kovir to create his own minor realm. After his death, Vizimir II annexed its southern part, Arcsea, to the Kingdom of Redania. At some point later on, a civil conflict raged on between an unnamed Usurper (who proclaimed himself a duke) and Helena Lange-Haare, true heir to throne and suzeraine of Ghelibol.

Notable inhabits Edit



Cities and keeps Edit

Trivia Edit

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