Anséis of Lyria and Rivia is one of the two sons of Queen Meve and while she loves them both, she is not certain they will be able to rule the realm after her as she consider them to be a bit of fools.[1] He fought in the Grand International Tournament near capital city Beauclair of Toussaint three times in row,[2] each time begging crowns from his mother to buy new horse, new sword and new armor.[3]

During his adventures in the southern duchy he fell in love with Carthia van Canten. She introduced herself to him as Cantarella, an alias she frequently used whilst on missions.[4] She would later abandon him on Fringilla's order even though he did not know why.[5]

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On seeing Geralt he scorns the Witcher decrying him as an deserter who ran away after the Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga and questioning his honour.

Later on during the tourney as Geralt is sitting with Guillaume de Launfal, Anséis approaches and throws down his iron gauntlet in front of Geralt demanding a satisfaction via chivalric duel. Once Geralt beats the Prince he tries to explain he had good reason to desert. Anséis accepts that by agreeing to the duel Geralt has shown he is a true knight, and so the Prince accepts his word as a man of honour.

In the final Melee challenge of the Tourney Anséis claims command of the team Geralt, Donimir, Tailles and Rainfarn are in. He tells Geralt about having little faith in the witcher's knowledge of knightly combat and asks him to stay out of their way while fighting against Palmerin de Launfal and his men.[6]

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The Witcher 3- Drinking & beating Anseis

The Witcher 3- Drinking & beating Anseis

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