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There are several notice board postings with the title "Announcement" in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt :

Announcement outside The Seven Cats Edit

Contents Edit

We shan't sell any hard drinks to youth and children younger than eighteen years of age. Unless they're with their parents.
—Your innkeep

Announcement in Alness Edit

Contents Edit

The undersigned would like to remind you that providing any manner of assistance to sorcerers and sorceressesalchemistspellarsherbalists, soothsayers, seers or any other such heretics blaspheming against the Eternal Fire is strictly forbidden. Anyone who spies such an individual must inform the witch hunters or the city guard immediately.
–His Excellency, Cyrus Engelkind Hemmelfart, Hierarch of the Eternal Fire

Announcement in Gildorf & Hierarch Square Edit

See - Announcement Concerning Items Of A Magic Nature

Announcement in Brunwich Edit

Contents Edit

Fair folk !

By order of the honorable Sir Siegfried de Lowe, a levy's to be raised from all the villages in this region. Each household is to give one-fifth of all their goods and chattel. In exchange, our Order will protect them from vagrants which never fail to prowl the land in time of war. Accept this levy with understanding, and there won't be any unfortunate incidents.

(someone has vandalized the parchment with a vulgar drawing and several offensive remarks about the knights of the Order and their mothers)

Gallery Edit

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