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Places Angren

Angren or Angor [1] is the name of a region in the Northern Kingdoms adjacent to the Yaruga. Its neighbours are Aedirn, Temeria, Mahakam, Lyria and Rivia. The southern part of the Blue Mountains and the marshes of Ysgith also border the region. It lies south of the Yaruga and east of Sodden and the mouth of the Ina. Eastward, one can reach Caed Dhu via the Klamat pass.

Just across the Yaruga, in Lyria are two great fortesses: Scala and Spalla. To the south, within the borders of Toussaint, druids from Angren took refuge at Caed Myrkvid.

Angren was annexed by Temeria after the Second Nilfgaard War. It is where comics House of Glass mostly takes place.

Heraldry Edit

Hrb unof Angren

The coat of arms for Angren is never actually described in the books. This particular coat of arms was designed by our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro.

Main cities and keeps Edit

Neighbouring regions Edit

References Edit

  1. Maybe misspell maybe not from the last quest of the Witcher 3. It may also be name that only Nilfgaardians use to call it. Like they call Riverdell - Abb Yarra.

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