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An Unpaid Debt is a secondary quest available on Skellige Islands during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Only available if Stranger in a Strange Land has been completed with the help from Simun Brambling.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt was only able to escape from Madman Lugos' prison thanks to the help of a mysterious old man called Simun Brambling. It was he who convinced the guard to let Geralt out, warning Geralt first that he would one day demand a favor in return. Geralt had managed to forget about the whole incident - but not Simun. The old man found Geralt and demanded he repay his debt.
If Geralt fulfills his debt to Simun:
Geralt did what Simun demanded - he killed a man who had done him no wrong. As you can see, dear reader, at times one must act dishonorably in order to maintain one's honor.
If Geralt refuses Simun:
Geralt decided he'd rather stain his honor than spill the blood of an innocent man. Simun did not accept this excuse and decided to kill Geralt alongside his age-old rival. The old warrior underestimated the witcher, however, and after a short fight he died from wounds delivered by the witcher's blade.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Meet with Simun in the hut by the lake
  • Depending on Geralt's decision:
    • Kill Simun's enemy
    • Kill Simun

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