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Amavet was the son of Riannon and Goidemar of Temeria. He was murdered at the tender age of eighteen, after "complications" arose from his affair with Anna Kameny. That relationship resulted in two children: a daughter Muriel and a son Crispin.

Amavet was also one of the three children known as the Houtborg triplets, a set of twins and another child, born while Riannon, queen of Temeria, was imprisoned by Falka. The other two children were Adela and Fiona. After Falka died, none, including Riannon, who had gone insane, knew which of the three children were her own twins and which was Falka's child. Sorcerers summoned by king Goidemar later found out that Adela was Falka's daughter, but they told the king that they weren't able to determine which child was Falka's, to avoid a scandal and the execution of a 2-year old child. Therefore, the three were brought up as siblings.

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