Amaverick of Sorano's journal is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

When dealing with Beings of this Nature, it is most vital to achieve Equilibrium between giving free rein to its Will and obstructing it with the Fetters of Servitude. The sagacious Elementalist who has tamed a magic Minion should not heed the sweet yet pernicious Urge to unbind the Being, for only Harm will come of it, Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth will be the only result. Likewise he who tightens his Servant's yoke overmuch will gain nothing from it, for his enchained Being will be to him dumb and dull as a Lump of Earth.
The Key is to prepare a proper magic Barrier, one whose effectiveness shall be backed by a crystal of power. This crystal is of the utmost importance: if it should break, the barrier shall fail, yet worry not overmuch, for neither axe nor blade can harm it. A barrier thus secured shall serve as the Minion's Prison without unduly hindering its Power. THe Ability to erect it properly, however, demands a high level of Proficiency, the kind no mere superficial Study or Practice can provide. The Bunglers and Ne'er-do-wells of our Profession need not apply!
Right. Sounds suitably pompous. Must have Dukas make a clean copy of this first draft, prepare it for publication. Wonder where that clod is, I sent him out for cheese and ink ages ago...

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