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Places Altar of Melitele
Places Shrine of Melitele

There are several altars to Melitele in the game, but only two that are usable:

In St. Lebioda's Hospital, there is a novice nun praying by the altar, who can tell you about Melitele. She will also tell you about sacrifices to the goddess.

Sacrifices Edit

Acceptable sacrifices: Any kind of food, including meat—which is surprising since a nun in St. Lebioda's Hospital indicates that Melitele does not appreciate killing done in her name.

The first sacrifice will give you three of the Sephirot: Ghe'vrath, 'Oth, Veen'ah. You will need these for the A Mysterious Tower and Monoliths tower quests. After this, every subsequent sacrifice will give you Mistletoe, an alchemical ingredient.

Associated quests Edit