Alonso Wiley later known as the older or Whoreson Senior, was an old man with sadistic tendencies, ruthlessness and lack of scruples; he was a powerful Redanian gangster who ruled districts of Free City of Novigrad. He was the owner of many prestigious casinos, fighting rings and brothels in Novigrad and was also a patron of the arts, confirmed by the support he gave to Dandelion.[1]

Alonso was assassinated by men under orders from his own son Cyprian when en route to a poetry recital.[2]

Upon his death his property was bequeathed to two men he loved in his own way - his son Cyprian Wiley, who received everything the Wiley family owned bar one brothel - Rosemary and Thyme, which went to Julian Pankratz a.k.a Dandelion.[3]

Notes & references Edit

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