Alondra, also known as Heron Knight, was widely believed to be a mythical figure, even though she was in fact a real person. Dressed as a man and calling herself by a fictitious name, she served as a squire to an unknown noble. Just before being dubbed a knight, she revealed her true name and gender which then forced into exile.

She lived in the desert and, under the nom-de-guerre Heron Knight, defended pilgrims. She fought at the Battle of Cervantes Pass, where she was badly wounded and taken to the field hospital, where she was recognized. The duke of Toussaint, moved by her courage, dubbed her a knight and she then became the heroine of many tales which describe the righteousness of her character and generosity of her spirit.

Then Alondra disappeared out of thin air. It is said that the knight was summoned by the Lady of the Lake and journeyed to the bottom of the Lac Célavy to see her, where she remains to this day, as the chivalric guardian of the Lady's underwater realm.