Alchemy ingredient icon

AUTHOR: onionradish [AT]

Description Edit

This mod simplifies alchemy ingredient inventory management and potion-mixing by updating the inventory icons for alchemy ingredients. Inventory icons better show each ingredient's primary and secondary components (if any), without needing to mouse-over the ingredient.

Installation Edit

Download: The Witcher (PC) Alchemy Ingredient Icons — v1.0 here

Copy the extracted Override folder into the Data folder of your The Witcher install folder.

Uninstalling Edit

Delete the iit_ingr_*.dds files from the Data\Override folder in your The Witcher install folder.

Copyright Edit

This mod may be included with any other mod, provided that credit for the mod is given and no fee is charged for the mod or distribution. Please email the author if you have incorporated the mod.

Changelog Edit

v1.00 — Initial release.

Please report any bugs to the author.