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For I deserve more, if only owing to my function. State officials ought to be wealthy. The wealthier the official, the greater the prestige to the state. Besides, what would you know about that?
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- Albert Smulka to Geralt, Season of Storms (U.S. edition)
Albert Smulka was the new district reeve of Ansegis, Kerack in 1245.

Biography Edit

Despite being new to the job, he'd already taken to embezzling from the kingdom's coffers and thought little of witchers. In particular, when Geralt came through and took a contract to kill a mysterious monster terrorizing the area, he pretended to gush over Geralt's skills and that his predecessor, Jonas, had been right about the witcher's abilities all along.

However, this proved to be a facade: as he wrote up the witcher's payment, all while continuing to praise Geralt, he made the agreed on amount 80 crowns versus the agreed upon 50, with the idea Geralt couldn't read and thus not notice Smulka would pocket the difference. His tune changed immediately though when he saw Geralt could read and the witcher pointed out the error. Smulka then explained in no uncertain terms he'd split the difference so Geralt would get 10 extra while he would take away the other 20 because, to him, state officials were more deserving.