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The Witcher (PC) Edit

Substances Small Albedo

Albedo is an additional, or secondary substance which is present in some alchemical ingredients in addition to the primary substance. All alchemical ingredients contain one of six basic substances: aether, hydragenum, quebrith, rebis, vermilion and vitriol. There are also three additional substances: albedo, nigredo and rubedo. Any given ingredient may contain only a single basic substance and potentially one additional, or secondary substance.

Journal potion Albedo potions: If all ingredients used to create a given potion contain albedo as an additional substance, the potion created reduces the toxicity of any subsequently imbibed potions for 1 hour, which is not the entire duration of most potion effects, but very helpful with Blizzard.

Herbs with albedo Edit

Substances Small Aether Berbercane fruit
Substances Small Quebrith Honeysuckle
Substances Small Quebrith Verbena
Substances Small Vitriol White myrtle petals
Substances Small Hydragenum Wolf's aloe leaves
Substances Small Vermilion Wolfsbane

Monster parts with albedo Edit

Substances Small Vermilion Bloedzuiger blood
Substances Small Aether Drowner brain tissue
Substances Small Vitriol Echinops rootstock
Substances Small Hydragenum Ectoplasm
Substances Small Quebrith Vodyanoi bladder
Substances Small Rebis Wing membrane

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Unlike previous games, Albedo is not simply part of other alchemical ingredients. It must be created using more basic ingredients.

Obtaining Edit

Crafting Albedo requires

Usage Edit

Albedo is used in

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