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Aki of Clan Brokvar is the son of Jarl Udalryk of Spikeroog, and of one of Udalryk's concubines. Aki is named after his uncle, who died during a boat trip with Udalryk some time prior to the start of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Geralt and Cerys attempt to free Udalryk from the hym that possesses him. They do this by first trying to trick the hym into leaving. Cerys runs up to Udalryk's dilapidated manor which overlooks Svorlag with Aki in hand, and hands him to Geralt while telling Geralt to put the baby in the oven. Faced with this harrowing choice, Geralt may either put Aki in the oven, or hand him to Udalryk who runs into the house shortly after Cerys with a group of guards in tow.

If Geralt decides to put Aki in the oven, he engages in a fight with Udalryk's guards, after which Cerys emerges from the neighboring room with Aki safe and unharmed.

If Geralt returns Aki to Udalryk, Udalryk hands the baby to one of his guards, and proceeds to punch Geralt in the face. The jarl and his guards then exit the building. Cerys explains the plan she had in mind, which would have involved taking Aki immediately out of the oven via a back panel that can be accessed from the other room. Geralt is then forced to deal with the hym "the witcher's way" by surviving a night in the hym's lair with Udalryk.

Notes Edit

  • Aki is one of the only babies to actually appear in the game, despite there being dozens of children.

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